Drying of Hydraulic Fracturing Additives

Pulse Combustion Systems (PCS) has been developing expertise in drying certain components of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid that need to be delivered in a dry form to the oil and natural gas fields. These additives are designed to enhance the output and longevity of each well by performing specific functions in the well.

PCS was contacted by companies working in this fast-growing market. They were looking for quick development of the drying parameters, toll-drying to enable instant marketplace entry, and fast delivery of modular dryers to remote sites. PCS provides all three.

The PCS pulse combustion dryer is perfect for this application, because it is efficient, highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, and able to handle a wide variety of liquid inputs, including those with solid particles - called 'proppants.'

The PCS Dryer is also perfect for remote locations, because it runs on a variety of fuels, is extremely reliable, and requires almost no maintenance.

PCS welcomes customer inquiries, and is ready to conduct Pilot Trials on customer products on short notice.

For more information contact: James Rehkopf, Manager & CEO



Pulse Combustion Systems™

Our goal is to provide our customers a complete menu of spray drying products and services. Our patented spray drying technology makes a superior powder, and we seek customers with mid-to-high-value products who demand excellent powder quality and great service.

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