Covalence Labs dries the internationally-patented IconicA® Powder at Pulse Combustion Systems in Payson Arizona. The ability to spray dry material at a lower than normal temperature is a key factor in enabling the product to be made. This stabilized retinaldehyde product provides the anti-aging beauty care sector a more bio-available form of Vitamin A than retinol. By adding this to a cream, lotion, serum or other beauty care product one can have a Vitamin A product that is uniquely superior in the category.​

~ David Peter, Principal Scientist, CoValence Laboratories

GTX Technologies is a leading nutraceutical company that dries our powders at Pulse Combustion Systems (PCS). PCS makes the best powders that are used by our customers for health and wellness around the world. Additionally, many research laboratories that could not use our liquid concentrates now can now use our powders because of PCS’s powder dry capabilities and willingness to create the best products in a very timely manner.

~ Dr. Norbert Chirase, Manager, GTX Technologies

PCS prepares a key component which enables us to deliver a safe, simple and sustainable cooling water program to address the specific needs of large metropolitan areas (such as New York City). Since recent launch, eliminating the need for over 12,500 pounds of plastic packaging, or 4,700 5-gallon pails. In addition, substantial gas and carbon footprint avoided. Our partnership with PCS helps us deliver innovative solutions to the world’s biggest water challenges.

~ Craig Myers, PhD Scientist, Nalco Water, an Ecolab Company

Our company has chosen Pulse Combustion Systems as a valuable partner in manufacturing critical ingredients for improving the health of our clients. With their unique production capabilities, they have been able to aid our company with a number of difficult product production problems. We have tried numerous companies to properly produce ingredients and finally found Pulse was the best answer to our difficult requirements. Their efforts and persistence in solving our needs makes them an invaluable asset as well as a great example of what a company should be. They are willing to devote time to solutions and follow through with the expertise necessary. Our company works under strict confidentiality agreements so we are not able to divulge more than a basic overview of our relationship, but it must be said that the contribution of Pulse will reverberate with a positive effect on the health of literally millions of patients with complex medical conditions. We are proud to have them as a partner in health.

~ Al Czap, Founder, Tesseract